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A sensitively crafted tale introducing children to the circle of life.

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Lola and the Tree of Life

Children ages 4 through 8 learn about death as a part of life through the story of a young girl named Lola, her beloved friend Tree (a wise old oak) and her ailing grandfather.

This story can help a child:

  • Prepare for the death of a loved one or pet before it happens.
  • Understand that while death is permanent, memories and connections live on.
  • Learn about natural cycles in the web of life.
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Praise for Lola and the Tree of Life

Where to Purchase

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Central Illinois Locations

All Peoria libraries
Proctor Hospital Gift Shop
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Why teach kids about loss before it happens?

I wrote “Lola and the Tree of Life” to introduce the idea of death in a loving, natural way—before it happens. Whether you’re a parent, grandparent, counselor, teacher or anyone else in a position to nurture a child, I hope this book helps you prepare the children in your life for the loss of a beloved person, pet or other living thing.

Resources for Adults & Kids

Use these free resources to enhance the “Lola and the Tree of Life” experience.