Lola and the Tree of Life Children’s Book

Lola and the Tree of Life Hero Image Now available in paperback

Lola and the Tree of Life

by Susan Reising (Author), Missy Shepler (Illustrator)

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“You and I and Poppy and Skye—and all things—are a part of something greater. We may look like we are separate, but we all are linked together in ways we sometimes cannot see.”

These are the sage words of Tree, a massive old oak Lola often visits with her dog, Skye. Through her friendship with Tree, Lola has discovered the wonder of sunbeams sparkling through branches, worlds within worlds in bark and the comfort of a sturdy, welcoming trunk.

But today, something is bothering Lola: Her beloved grandfather, Poppy, is very sick and she’s worried about what may happen next. In a heartfelt exchange, Tree helps Lola learn about the interconnectedness of all things and death as a natural part of life.

“Lola and the Tree of Life” is a lovingly told, richly illustrated story to guide adults in talking with young children about death as a part of life, the healing power of nature and the connections that do not end, even after the loss of a loved one.

List Price: $18.95

Paperback List Price: $10.79

E-book List Price: $3.99

Hardback Book Details

For Ages

4-8 Years


32 full-color pages with hardback cover


8.5” x 11”



Environmentally Responsible




Publication Date

June 29, 2022



Paperback (ISBN: 978-1-7354258-2-5) also available on for $10.79

E-book (ISBN: 978-1-735425-8) is also available on for $3.99.